Cutlery Utensils vs Condiments and Sauces

Cutlery Utensils FC welcomed Condiments and Sauces FC to the Kitchen Table Arena for what would be a hot and spicy affair.

Condiments and Sauces kitted in a dressing of multiple colours, while Cutlery wore Blue.

The away team captain Heinz won the toss and with both teams Reggae Reggae to start, they kicked off shooting South West.

It was Cutlery who created the first opportunity when Condiment defenders Guy Branston and Marmalade Sakho found themselves in a pickle and the ball was whisked away.

The counter saw the first shot and the attacker mayo have done better. From then on, the away team’s goal was peppered. It wasn’t long until the breakthrough when the Utensil midfield sliced open the Condiment defence and made it 1 – 0.

The Blues attack capitalised on another misSteak by Wes Brown and made it 2 – 0 when they once again cut open the defence like a hot knife through butter and Scooped it over Edwin Van Der Sweet ‘n’ Sour with a Mint finish.

Condiments showed some encurrygement and started to spread the ball about trying to get back into the game. Just before the half, they created a Peri-Peri good chance on goal but Coleman couldn’t cut the mustard and his effort went wide.

At the break, they introduced Spanish midfielder Soy Sauce to add some flavour to their play. Patrik Burger soon set up another opportunity for The Sauces but even after going around the keeper, Andy Coleslaw couldn’t finish. That’s his bread and butter.

Relishing the moment, Cutlery’s midfielder Pizza Cutter rolled it out left to Ladel who put it on a plate for Dwight Fork to put it away like at to make it 3 – 0.

Starting to lose their top, Matt Hollandaise in The Sauces midfield began running about like a Buffalo in a China Shop before a nasty tackle that was more like a Salt. Later, the Utensils got their revenge with a Scissor tackle that went unpunished.

The away team couldn’t capitalise from a Gary BigMacCallister corner when the goalkeeper made a great save from Gary Vinegar’s header and then an ever Grater save to push the follow up wide.

With Thyme running out The Utensil’s really stuck the Knife in and made it Fork – Nil with an amayozing finish when the Blues spooned the ball past Mark Fish and Ben Chilliwell and they couldn’t ketchup. The forward, who had been a Pesto all day, made the goal look Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezer with a delightful Chipotle.

The goal ensured the home team wouldn’t go away with the Wooden Spoon this seasoning.

Cutlery Utensils FC 4 – 0 Condiments and Sauces FC