Code of Conduct for Parents/Guardians

Ballynahinch Youth Football Club

Parents/guardians are expected to:

  1. Positively reinforce their child and show an interest in their football. Support their child’s involvement and help them to enjoy football.
  2. Not place their child under pressure or push them into activities they do not want to do.
  3. Complete and return the Registration/Consent Form pertaining to their child’s participation.
  4. Deliver and collect their child punctually to and from coaching sessions/matches/events.
  5. Ensure their child is properly and adequately attired for the weather conditions.
  6. Ensure that proper footwear and protective equipment are worm at ALL times. Any child/young person not in possession of fundamental requirements should not be permitted to participate.
  7. Detail any health concerns pertaining to the child on the consent form, in particular breathing or chest conditions. Any changes in the state of the child’s health should be reported to the coach prior to coaching sessions.
  8. Inform the coach if their child has been ill or hurt recently.
  9. Inform the coach prior to departure from the field of play if the child is to be collected early from a coaching session/match/event.
  10. Encourage their child to play by the rules and teach them that they can only do their best.
  11. Help your child to recognise good performance, not just results.
  12. Acknowledge the importance and role of the club coaches who provide their free time to ensure children’s participation in the club.
  13. Show appreciation and support the coach.
  14. Be realistic.
  15. Ensure their child’s hygiene and nutritional needs are met.
  16. Accept the referee/game supervisor’s judgement.
  17. Behave responsibly on the sidelines; do not embarrass your child.
  18. Encourage children to show respect.
  19. Promote their child’s participation in playing football for FUN.

Parents/Guardians have the right to:

  1. Know their child is safe.
  2. Be informed of problems or concerns relating to their children.
  3. Be informed if their child is injured.
  4. Have their consent sought for issues such as trips.
  5. Contribute to decisions within the club.
  6. Speak to the Chairperson and voice their concerns about the standard of coaching.

Parents/Guardians Behaviour on Match day:

  1. Parents should remind themselves that what their football playing children need from them is unconditional support and encouragement NOT advice and criticism. Please leave the coaching to the coaches.
  2. Parents should refrain from shouting instructions during games. It is confusing to a child to have many adults yelling different things to them. Coaching should be left to the coaches.
  3. Focus on encouragement. Making mistakes is part of learning. Recognise what your child is trying to do, not the end result. Be aware that along with instruction children need freedom to think for themselves if they are to grow as football players.
  4. Don’t be critical of your child’s team mates. If your child hears you being critical, it will make your child more critical of other team mates. Focus on supporting and helping your child progress above all else.
  5. Parents should never express concerns about how the game is being played to parents or players from opposing teams. Concerns or questions about opponents should be handled between coaches.
  6. Parents should stay in the designated area. Please do not roam up and down the side line.

The sounds heard from parents on the side line should be that of cheers and encouragement/compliments of good play.

Any misdemeanours and breach of this code of conduct will be dealt with immediately by the club. Persistent concerns or breaches will result in the parent/guardian being asked not to attend the club or any club events if their attendance is detrimental to the child’s/young person’s welfare. The ultimate action should a parent/guardian continue to breach the code of behaviour may mean the Chairperson regrettably asking the child/young person to leave the club.